Precision Rifle Block 1, March 15-17, 2024

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The Precision Rifle Course Block 1 covers the fundamentals of shooting, introduction to different shooting positions and begin shooting effectively between 100-600 yds. We accommodate a maximum of 12 participants during each session so contact us now to reserve your spot or purchase on this website.  Arrive on Friday evening, enjoy a great dinner and start with our first session. During this time we will teach you how to properly setup your rifle including precise eye relief, reticle to bore alignment and more. Saturday morning we will head to the range to chronograph and verify zero.  The rest of Saturday will be a combination of classroom and range time.  We will work through several drills to help you understand turret manipulation, natural point of aim, and work on developing proper form.  Sunday morning will consist of a drills and range time as we wrap up around noon in time for you to travel back home.  We can take your Remington 700 action and convert it to a Long Range Precision Rifle - Call us for details.  Call us if you have any questions about gear, there may be something we can loan you before you make any purchase decisions.  

During this course, we will work with you to develop proper shooting form, help you setup your ballistic app, and validate your shooting solutions on the range.  We will help you increase your effective shooting range!

Lodging is bunk style and we will feed you well.  Enjoy a great family atmosphere with great Southern Hospitality. 

Meals and lodging are included.

Bring yourself or you and a partner, and have a blast.....