Barrel - Remage Style with Recoil Lug and Nut for Remington 700 or Bergara Rifles - Call to specify.


This is a DIY Prefit Barrel Kit for a Remington 700 Remage Style barrel. We also offer the same kit for a Bergara Rifle.   The barrel is a  Krieger Barrel - Breech diameter of 1.060, includes recoil lug and barrel nut. Stainless steel, can be threaded for muzzle brake or suppressor.   Call 601.953.9243 for more information.  You will have to have proper tools and headspace gauges to install.  Please call for specific contours and calibers.  With proper tools, you can install this barrel on your action, or send it to us for fitting.  Chamber cut by David Gray of Deep South Tactical.  4-6 weeks lead time for most barrels.