The Minute of Angle (MOA) Challenge!! The MOA Challenge is your opportunity to put your skills to the test and prove your metal. During your time with Delta Precision Shooting you will be learning new skills and putting them to the test. This is exactly what we encourage. What better way to put them to the test than to take the MOA Challenge? This is not an easy challenge. It will test your abilities and skills and once achieved, your accomplishment will be recognized and rewarded! Here is how the MOA Challenge works: During your training period, you will be provided range time to test your skills and build upon your shooting experiences. When you feel that you are up to the Challenge, just “BANG THE GONG”! The gong must be banged; this is how you establish the MOA Challenge. 

1. Once the MOA Challenge is established by “BANGING THE GONG”, all shooting is stopped and the range is declared cold. 

2. The range is declared cold, and your equipment must be pulled from the firing line. All equipment on your firing point must be pulled from the line. 

3. A two (2) minute preparation period is initiated and you will be allowed to place your equipment on the firing line and prepare for the MOA Challenge. 

4. At the completion of the two (3) minute preparation period, you will be allowed three (3) minutes to take three (3) shots at your desired distance. 

5. You declare the range between 100 and 1500 yards. 

6. You will only be allowed three (3) rounds and three (3) minutes to complete the MOA Challenge. 

7. At the end of the three (3) minute time period, the range will be closed and considered cold and your target will be inspected and measured for compliance. 

8. Compliance is established by any of the Delta Precision Shooting Instructors and their decision is final. 

9. Compliance is established if all three (3) rounds are within one (1) Minute of Angle (MOA) at the specified and declared range. 

10. If the Delta Precision Shooting Instructors declare that you have met the requirements of the MOA Challenge, your photo will be taken with the target and posted on the MOA Challenge Hall of Fame. A certificate recognizing your accomplishment will also be awarded at the completion of the course.