JIM BROWN is a retired Master Sergeant, United States Air Force (Active Guard Reserve), Security Police, with 26 years of service. Jim enlisted in the USAF in September 1980. After his retirement from the USAF in 2006, Jim served for five years as a Conservation Officer with the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks operating the Turcotte Education and Shooting Facility. In 2011, Jim continued his service as a Law Enforcement professional with the Pearl Police Department, Pearl, Mississippi, where he was promoted to Sergeant of Detectives with the Criminal Investigations Division. Jim is currently the Training Manager for the Pearl Police Department. While serving in the USAF as an Air Force Security Policeman, some of the classes Jim was certified in are as follows: Emergency Services Team Training, Search and Recovery, Air Base Ground Defense, Air Base Ground Defense NCO Course, Ground Defense Flight Leaders Course, Technical Training Instructors Course, Tests and Measurements, Instructional Systems Development, Water Survival (NonParachuting), Combat Survival, FBI Hostage Negotiations, Principles of Instruction, Sniper School, AMC Phoenix Raven Certification Course, Dynamics of International Terrorism, Revolutionary Warfare Course, Anti- Terrorism Level II Course, and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Vulnerability Assessment Anti-Terrorism Program. Jim is certified as an instructor in the following courses: Pressure Point Control Techniques (PPCT) Defensive Tactics System Instructor, PPCT Spontaneous Knife Attack Defense System Instructor, Monadnock Expandable Baton Instructor Trainer, Monadnock PR 24 Baton Instructor Trainer, Monadnock Defensive Tactics Instructor Trainer, Oleoresin Capsicum Aerosol Spray Instructor Trainer, Integrated Force Management (IFM) Use of Force Instructor, IFM Motor Vehicle Stop Instructor, Glock Armorers Course & Glock Firearms Instructors Course, Semi-Automatic Firearms Instructor Course, Hunter Education Instructors Course, Boaters Education Instructors Course, Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Trainer (Active Shooter), Tactical Knife Instructor Hutton-Ryu, Basic Edged Weapons, Dynamic Edged Weapons, & Edged Weapons Instructor Course. Jim has an extensive career teaching. During Jim’s career, he has served as a USAF Technical Training Instructor at Camp Bullis, Texas; Security Police Instructor for a squadron of over 500 officers at Fairchild AFB, Washington; NCOIC of Training for the 172 Security Police Squadron, Jackson, Mississippi; Adjunct USAF Sniper Instructor, Marksmanship Training Unit, Camp Robinson, Arkansas; Revolutionary War Veterans Association Appleseed Rifle Instructor; and Field Training Officer, Pearl, Mississippi. Jim is currently certified as a Firearms Instructor with the State of Mississippi and has successfully completed the FBI Firearms Instructor Course. Jim is the author of the plan of instruction for the Enhanced Carry Qualification Course, Mississippi Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Permit. Jim and his wife of over 37 years, Teri Brown of Spokane Washington, are the parents of three children and the grandparents of five grandchildren. They are members of Crossgates Baptist Church.

                                Marty Puckett (left) on the DPS Range shooting 6.5x47 Lapua at 1400 yards.

Marty Puckett grew up as a hunter with a love of firearms and a desire to shoot long distance.  With an MBA in Business Management, it seemed a natural fit that he was the Manager of an IT Help Desk for a Food Service Company, but after nearly 18 years in this field, his career would soon change.  While doing load development for a friend, he shot his first competition – an F Class match with a borrowed rifle.  Marty tied for First Place in that match and soon was invited to be a partner in a custom rifle company.  Over the next few years, he and his partners took that business from a local shop to a company that shipped rifles all over the US. During this time, he was able to learn a lot about the firearms industry and custom load development.  The time came for him and one of his partners to sell their shares and start Delta Precision Shooting – a firearms training company that focused on Precision Rifle classes.  His customer service background proved to be an asset when conducting the weekend classes.  Through his partners, the next logical move was handgun training where he has completed the Glock Armorer and Glock Operator classes, Rock River Arms Certified Armorer, Certified USCCA Instructor, and Certified McRees Precision Dealer where he builds precision rifles.  With a passion for helping others meet their goals, and a strong desire to keep learning, this is now a full time career.  From Special Forces and Military Police to the average hunter, he loves putting his talents and skills to work for you.